I love making quilts.


This page tells the history of my beginning quilts, with photos.

I also have a link to another page of mine 'All about Log Cabins.'

A few years ago I found, in a craft book, a lovely quilt that looked rather easy to make.
It consisted of  scraps of lace sewn onto 'shiny' (must be a technical term) material, and made into blocks. I made a few cot quilts - one for my sister's new baby Corey, and one for my cousin's new baby Emily. I also made a few pillow valances.My next attempt was making Christmas centrepieces and placemats. These turned out so well, that I thought I would attempt something bigger.

My first 'quilt' was a Christmas quilt, consisting of various blocks of Christmas material in different patterns, in alternate blocks of white, green or red, with different appliquéd Christmas designs. I really enjoyed the appliqué, and was going to attempt an appliquéd quilt with different flowers. I didn't. Instead I made my first LOG CABIN quilt with appliquéd tropical fish in the centre. This has led to my love of Log Cabin quilts.

It was about this time that I made my second Christmas Quilt, using the nine patch block, and alternate blocks of Christmas material and calico. It is only a lap quilt, and I am very proud of it.


My next quilt was also a log cabin in pinks and blacks. I used the nine patch method (and made it a 16 patch) in the corners to give a weaved effect with the boarders. I also made a large two sided cushion, with pinks on one side, and left over's from my Tropical quilt on the other side.  


I then felt guilty that I had not made any quilts for the family. So I made a lace block quilt for my daughter Emma. Emma likes pink (like her Mum) and I used pink material instead of white. I also used some lace with pink in it and pink ribbons. This was a combination of the above baby quilts I made and an idea from a bedcover that I saw in Dumfries.


Beth was next. Beth, like many teenagers, is into suns, moons, and stars. I attempted my first T block quilt. I used navy blues and creams, with gold stars and moons and suns. I used a pattern I found in Australian Patchwork and Quilting. This quilt became my pride and joy of all my quilts. 

I made another T block quilt for my mother, in her favourite football teams colours - RED & GREEN - South Sydney, hence the white bunny.
  This is a close up of the t-block.
  I felt Peter, and Jonathan were missing out, so I decided to experiment with the log cabin block to get a different design. I used a variety of dark blue and green plaids to make Peter a quilt.  

I had purchased some fat quarters of Christmas material, and as they were so beautiful I wanted to use them on a special project. During February 1999, while going through a quilting address book, I came across a wall hanging using a variation of the log cabin block. I used this photo to draw a graph, and this was the resulting wall hanging - Finished in one day!!!!

I wanted to make something special for my mother in law. I used some t-shirt printing sheets to copy some photos of family ancestors. I started the quilt in February 1999, and completed it in March 1999. I made log cabin blocks, similar to the pink and black blocks. I loved this quilt, and had my mother in law not come to visit I probably would have kept it.

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