Place Names - Far North Queensland

Smithfield named after Bill Smith
Mt Mulligan Irishman James Venture Mulligan
Gilbert River named by Leichardt. Gold discovered there by Richard Daintree in 1869
Port Douglas named after the Queensland Premier, John Douglas in 1877. Originally known as Island Point, Port Owen, Tarrigal, and Salisbury.
Cardwell named after Edward Cardwell in 1900. Previously known as the port of Hinchinbrook.
Cooktown named after Captain Cook who 'settled' there in June 1774. [I believe this to be the FIRST white settlement in Australia - not Botany Bay] A camp was established at the base of what is known today as Grassy Hill, after the Endeavour had been damaged on the Great Barrier Reef. This first settlement lasted for seven weeks
Endeavour River named after Captain Cook's ship.
Atherton named after John Atherton, a cattleman who helped to pioneer the Tablelands.
Chilligoe named by William Atherton, son of John Atherton, when he set up a cattle station in 1887. He named it after a word from a sea-shanty.
Kuranda named in 1888
Cairns proclaimed a town in 1876.
Mt Molloy named after Pat Molloy who discovered a copper deposit.
Brinsmead named after Horace Brinsmead, a business man and landowner.

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