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As you can see my favourite colour is pink, hence the background !!!!

I love teaching, and finding out about my ancestors.

My interests also include Celtic Studies and quilting.

My name is Allison (maiden name MacPHEE) and I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I am married to Peter, and have three wonderful children, Emma, Beth & Jonathan.

Visit Beth's online journal here


I was born in Sydney, in the infamous Kings Cross (yes there was a hospital there – St Luke's) and have also lived in Canberra, (Australia's Capital), and beautiful Cairns in the tropical north.


I am a primary school teacher and have taught in Sydney and Queensland.

I love teaching, and except for a few years, when my time was better spent teaching my son, I have taught both full time and part time.

I have been doing my family's history for over 25 years
and I am probably more keen to do it now than I was in my early years.
I love doing family tree, although I don't have as much time to do it as I would like.
Emma, my daughter, is a great help with family tree, and when she was young she would often walk
around cemeteries with me, taking notes.


I enjoy all things Scottish, although, I can not make myself eat Haggis.
As a young girl my parents took my sister and I to Scottish dancing classes,
but I guess they were too expensive and we didn't continue.
I formed a Celtic Research Group while living in Cairns,
which has indirectly helped me with my research.
The Celtic Group was formed due to the small amount of information available
at the local family history group for Scottish research.

   I enjoy watching TV, and usually have it on most of the time as background.
Favourite shows – Frazier, Mad About You, all the Star Treks, Faulty Towers, all the Law and Orders and the news channels.

In music I have always liked John Farnham.
I must have been a teeny bopper as I like that sort of music
– David Cassidy, the Monkees etc., however,
John Farnham’s music has evolved over the last thirty years
from that teeny bopper ‘Sadie’ era to the popular contemporary style he has today.
I am pleased to say that my girls also like his music.
I took my husband Peter to a concert and Peters comment on leaving the concert hall was
‘He seems like a good sort of a bloke.’
When we first found out about Jonathan's deafness,
I remember being upset because my cat could hear John Farnham, but my son couldn't.

I also like WESTLIFE and BOYZONE.
For my birthday in 1999, Peter took me to dinner and a night club
to see WESTLIFE's only Brisbane performance to date.
It was great.
We phoned Beth (who was most upset to miss out), so she could hear them sing.


I love to travel and particularly to Scotland, where I have second cousins in Skye, and Glasgow.

I am interested in history and have completed an Associate Diploma of Applied Local and Family History, which I enjoyed doing.

I have finished study for the moment, after completing a Bachelor of Special Education.

I have also recently been the recipient of a Teacher Excellence Award for ICT,

and I am currently involved in an Innovations Project using a digital video camera.


I'm not much of a housekeeper (I'm a teacher), and I don't like cooking, but I enjoy crafts and sewing, again when I have time.
My most recent craft interest is quilting, and the house is slowly filling up with quilts
- and Brisbane is often too warm to use them?!?!?!?!?

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